Vinegar Hill

Photos by Paul Frangipane

Vinegar Hill’s blocks are lined with cobblestones and low-rise buildings that make it feel like a small town out of the 19th century.

A national historic landmark from the early 19th century stands gated-in at the end of Little Street in Vinegar Hill. The Commandant’s House was built for the commandant of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The Commandant’s House is now kept safe behind a tall gate.

A building is decorated with quirky posters and signs.

Many messages speak to passersby of this Vinegar Hill building.

Vinegar Hill’s residential blocks closely neighbor a Con Edison power plant.

The neighborhood’s eastern side meets DUMBO with cobblestone streets.

The Con Edison power plant at the southern end of Vinegar Hill takes up multiple blocks near the waterfront.

A mural painted by Tanya Lynn Albrigtsen-Frable and young volunteers tells the history of the Navy Yard. Brooklyn Navy Yard sits directly on the other side of the wall.

The Farragut Houses public housing complex was built in the early 1950s as a way to clean up crime in the neighborhood.

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