Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Photos by Paul Frangipane

Prospect Park’s entrance at Parkside and Ocean avenues welcomes visitors with tall columns.

Prospect Lefferts Gardens borders Prospect Park on the east.

A home in the Lefferts Manor section of the neighborhood. The area’s original development restrictions have kept many of its homes single-family residences.

Separated homes line this block in the Lefferts Manor section of the neighborhood.

Row houses showcase colorful roof shingles.

A miniature Statue of Liberty is chained to the porch of this home on Maple Street.

The neighborhood’s gentrification can be seen in its new restaurants and cafes.

Nostrand Avenue with St. Francis of Assisi-St. Blaise Church in the background.

Women wait for the bus on Rogers Avenue.

Kings County Hospital is seen in the background of the neighborhood.

A luxury condominium building borders Prospect Park and Flatbush Avenue.

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