Photos by Paul Frangipane

Gravesend Cemetery is the oldest cemetery owned by New York City with graves dating back to the mid-1600s.

The site of Gravesend’s founding at the intersection of Avenue U and Village Road North is marked by a stone monument that tells the story of town’s beginnings.

Lady Moody House is forever attached to Lady Deborah Moody, Gravesend’s founder, and is believed to have been used as a hospital during the American Revolution’s Battle of Brooklyn.

Gravesend’s residential blocks are filled with standalone houses that give the neighborhood a suburban feel.

In the neighborhood’s eastern side, large mansions line the blocks.

Ocean Parkway marks Gravesend’s border to the east.

Kings Highway is one of Gravesend’s popular commercial streets.

Two women wait for the B82 bus on Kings Highway.

Avenue U, one of Gravesend’s commercial blocks, shows the influx of different immigrant groups through its diverse restaurants and shops.

A man watches the N train arrive at the Avenue U station.

Once boasting a strong Italian community, Gravesend has become more diverse with an array of immigrants from around the world.

Gravesend’s Italian community lives on in businesses like this pasta shop.

L&B Spumoni Gardens is a popular pizzeria and restaurant that opened in 1939.

Calvert Vaux Park juts off the southwestern edge of the neighborhood with a view out to Gravesend Bay.

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