Columbia Street Waterfront District

Photos by Paul Frangipane

The Columbia Street Waterfront District borders the East River with Lower Manhattan in the distance.

Two towers for luxury housing near Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 are a new site for neighborhood residents.

Because of the neighborhood’s separation and lack of a subway train, almost every street showcases multiple bikes locked to fences and sign posts.

The neighborhood hosts multiple small parks and playgrounds.

A young boy bikes down Columbia Street, the area’s commercial block.

Shipping cranes loom in the background of the neighborhood.

An intersection on Columbia Street.

Columbia Street Waterfront District was separated from Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens by the construction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in 1957. Since then, the neighborhood has rebounded and created its own identity.

Locks hang from the fence of an overpass above the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway that connects the neighborhood with Carroll Gardens.

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