Photos by Paul Frangipane

At the southern point of Canarsie is Canarsie Pier. The pier on Jamaica Bay takes the place of a since-shuttered amusement park.

Much of Canarsie takes on a suburban feel with standalone houses and wide tree-filled streets.

The 19-mile Jamaica Bay Greenway straddles Canarsie to the south between the Belt Parkway and the bay.

Canarsie Park in the southern part of the neighborhood is filled with baseball fields and open space.

A sign warns visitors of the park about the area’s biodiversity.

A sculpture welcomes visitors to this Canarsie home.

The Brooklyn Terminal Market is filled with shops and wholesale stores in the north of Canarsie.

The Rockaway Parkway subway station in Canarsie is the last stop on the L-Train line.

A tree-lined suburban block in the eastern section of Canarsie.

Fresh Creek separates Canarsie from the Spring Creek Towers, commonly known as Starrett City.

Two ducks swim down Fresh Creek.

A man casts into Jamaica Bay from Canarsie Pier.

Rockaway Parkway goes up the middle of Canarsie with residential blocks, restaurants and strip malls along the way.

Church at the Rock stands East 92nd Street.

Canarsie Cemetery has a history dating back to 1843 in the neighborhood.

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