Bensonhurst’s 18th Avenue (Cristoforo Colombo Boulevard) is the site of the annual Feast of Santa Rosalia. The feast honors the patron saint of Palermo, Sicily.

18th Avenue has been co-named Cristoforo Colombo Boulevard since 1987 for the neighborhood’s large Italian presence. The busy street is now lined with Chinese businesses outnumbering the Italian ones.

A woman separates grapes outside a Chinese market on Bay Parkway.

Catering to the growing Chinese population, the market’s pricing is labeled in two languages.

Villabate Alba bakery has been a mainstay in the community. Run by the Alaimo family for over 40 years, the shop is named after the owners’ hometown of Villabate, Sicily.

Italian words erupt from a table in Seth Low Square where local residents play Dominoes.

Sharing Seth Low Square with Italian Dominoes players, a group of Asian residents sit across the way playing cards and Chinese Chess.

Open since 1953, Lenny’s Pizza was made famous by the film Saturday Night Fever. John Travolta’s character in the film, Tony Manero, ordered two slices from the window and ate them together in a “double-decker” fashion.

Many of Bensonhurst’s dwellings are low red-brick buildings.

Superman breaks through the front of Steve Campanella’s famous home on 85th Street. The retired Marine and collector has the house decked out in figurines and life-sized fiberglass figures.

Campanella’s driveway is filled with characters the likes of Batman, Betty Boop, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Frankenstein and the Statue of Liberty.

The landmarked New Utrecht Reformed Church is the fourth oldest Reformed Church in Brooklyn, serving as a house of faith since 1677.

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