Bay Ridge

Photos by Paul Frangipane

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge connects Brooklyn from Bay Ridge’s southern point to Staten Island. Now a neighborhood staple, the bridge was originally met by strong opposition by Bay Ridge residents, 8,000 of whom were displaced for its construction.

The Belt Parkway, opened in 1940, wraps around Bay Ridge and acts as a set of neighborhood borders while offering picturesque drives around the bottom of Brooklyn.

Two fishermen sit with their lines in the water off American Veterans Memorial Pier in the northern section of Bay Ridge.

Owl’s Head Park in the northwestern corner of Bay Ridge boasts a large hill with wide views of the neighborhood. Summer camps from Borough Park frequent the green space.

The western edge of Bay Ridge is filled with large mansions, family homes and open space, giving it a suburban feeling.

This fairy tale looking home on Narrows Avenue was designed by James Sarsfield Kennedy and is known around the world as the “Gingerbread House.”

An example of the extravagant homes in the western end of the neighborhood.

The Senator Street Historic District holds the only block in Bay Ridge with brownstones on both sides of the block. The street was named after Henry C. Murphy who played the roles of state senator, congressman and mayor of Brooklyn before the city was incorporated into New York City.

The brownstones were built during a time that Bay Ridge was attracting middle-class families to its streets for the first time.

“Doctors’ Row,” on Bay Ridge Parkway features row houses constructed between 1899 and 1910 by a single company, a contrast to Bay Ridge’s variety in architectural style.

The 400 block of Bay Ridge Parkway deemed “Doctor’s Row,” is filled with doctors’ offices of all kinds of specialties.

Alpine Cinema on Fifth Avenue, a neighborhood staple, has been in operation since 1921.

The Islamic Society of Bay Ridge on Fifth Avenue is well-placed for the neighborhood’s large Muslim population.

Fifth Avenue is filled with stores and restaurants that cater to Islamic culture.

The Roman Catholic Church of St. Patrick in the southern section of the neighborhood has been a presence of faith since 1849.

The southern section of Bay Ridge is often referred to as Fort Hamilton for the military base completed in 1831. The National Register of Historic Places lists Fort Hamilton as the second oldest continuously garrisoned federal post in the United States.

John Paul Jones Park at the southern tip of Bay Ridge is named for American Patriot and Naval hero John Paul Jones. The cannon, founded in 1864, originally stood in Fort Pitt, Pennsylvania.

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